*Presented at the WIRED Conference UK 2011 and shown at TED Global 2011*

Presented to Steve Wozniak who said 'Love the way the App is Fun!'

Launched at the INK conference

This is not just a book app - it is a gateway to another world. Open it and

- Find a story that let’s you be part of it - as the Navigator, you have to guide two children - Maya and Talisma on a journey of discovery and adventure.

- Find objects, use devices and do a lot more to get immersed in the world of Khoya.
- Complete real world quests as the characters in the book undertake their own quests.
- Take photos with the in-app camera and keep a journal of your quest
- Rediscover the natural world along with Maya and Talisma.

Linking earth, magic and technology to bring together a breath-taking book with rich illustrations, beautiful animations, fun interactions and an engrossing reading experience.

Download it now and explore the lost world of Khoya.

Illustrated and animated by Shilo Shiv Suleman (shiloshivsuleman.com)